Welcome to our page about the village.

We thought that no website about Hullavington’s Neighbourhood Development Plan would be complete without a page or two about the village itself. Whilst neighbourhood planning is essentially about the future, we wanted to look at the past, too, to see what we could learn.

We found village history going back almost 1,000 years. Click on the link to see what we discovered. Such is the depth of history around the village, we will post occasional additional articles from time to time. The first article here takes us up to the 19th Century in the main. There’ll be more to come on more modern history in a future article.

Grateful thanks to Sarah Price-Tompkins for researching the village’s past.

As for the present day, we have a page here which looks at the village as we see it now – the village we all love and are familiar with.

We hope you enjoy these pages, and we’ve also put up a photo gallery, too, which will no doubt expand as time passes.

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