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The Consultation closes at 5.30pm on 8th April and any comments must be received by Wiltshire Council prior to that.

This page contains the Regulation 16 Submission Documents for the Hullavington Neighbourhood Plan.

Hullavington Neighbourhood Development Plan


The Consultation Document

Documenting the consultation undertaken at the Regulation 14 stage, with both the community and Statutory bodies.

The Basic Conditions Statement

Documents the legal conditions that a Neighbourhood Plan must fulfill.

Hullavington Neighbourhood Development Plan Evidence Base

The Hullavington Steering Group has investigated the issues surrounding the HNDP to inform both the writing and content of HNDP and also the community. Use the Evidence Index and Document below to access the information that has been referenced in the Hullavington Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The entirety of the information gathered is contained in the Appendices below.

Click on the headings to open each document.

Appendix 1
Map showing the SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment) sites in Hullavington considered for development as part of the Neighbourhood Development Process.
Appendix 2
Map of the Settlement Boundary for Hullavington Village.
Appendix 3
The Design Concept for Development. This is filled with pictures illustrating the features that are integral to Hullavington’s historic character: To be in sympathy with the village’s historic and traditional character, new homes should have regard to its content.
Appendix 4
Accessibility – Homes Designed for our Community. Adaptability above the national requirements has been negotiated with Hannick Homes for the new homes at Site 690 – so that they are suitable and accessible for our whole community and a wide range of different age group (people at different stages in their lives); e.g. singles, couples, families, our older residents and those with disabilities.
Appendix 5
Indicative Land Use Map. This shows the proposed layout of the site in regard to Hannick Homes developing site 690 for 70 homes.
Appendix 6
The relationship between the wishes of the community and how the Vision, Objectives and Policies in the Hullavington Neighbourhood Development Plan relate both to each other and the ‘village voice’.
Appendix 7
All the communication and consultation with the community, undertaken, to inform the writing of the Regulation 14 Draft HNDP.
Appendix 8
All the communication and consultation that occurred in the Regulation 14 Consultation. The results of the feedback is in The Consultation Statement.
Appendix 9
The Sustainability Assessments for sites 689, 690 and 1112 from the Chippenham Community Area Remainder Topic Paper – Cabinet version; and the Habitat Regulations Assessment for both Hullavington village and site 690 from the Wiltshire Housing Allocations Plan pre-submission draft plan.
Appendix 10
The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitats Regulation Assessments (HRA) undertaken as part of the HNDP Regulation 14 Consultation
Appendix 11
The Hullavington Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Constitution.
Appendix 12
Area Designation, The process to determined the area that the HNDP covers as agreed by Wiltshire Council.
Appendix 13
The results from the HNDP community questionnaires, with the individual comments from each questionnaire question; and the traffic metro counts.
Appendix 14
Property Surveys undertaken by both the Hullavington Steering Group to assess the existing housing stock in Hullavington and the Rural Housing Needs surveys.
Appendix 15
Census Data used to support the evidence within the plan.
Appendix 16
History and Heritage. During the course of the Neighbourhood Plan Process we have discovered many things about the history and archaeology of Hullavington. This document brings all that research together. The last section of the document deal specifically with the History and Archaeology as it relates to Site 690.
Appendix 17
Biodiversity, Wildlife, Landscape and open Spaces. This draws together the information gathered from the community regarding wildlife and open spaces within the Parish.
Appendix 18
Community Outreach. EnAct a volunteer organisation assisted the Hullavington Steering Group (HSG) to reach as many of the community as possible.
Appendix 19
The independent assessments of all the SHLAA sites within the Parish – carried out by Aecom on behalf of the HSG.
Appendix 20
The information within this appendix was initially collated to form part of the internal HNDP site selection process. The HSG, however, managed to secure funding which allowed the employment of Aecom to perform an independent assessment of the SHLAA sites being put forward, both from Wiltshire Council’s and HSG’s call for sites, as part of the neighbourhood planning process. The information, although not being used for its intended original purpose, forms an important part of the evidence base. It has been used to inform the process and writing of the HNDP. It has helped to provide evidence for the HNDP where it has been referenced as doing so.
Appendix 21
Hullavington specific extracts from external reports.
Appendix 22
Military Defence Estate Report.

Additional (External) Documents

Wiltshire Core Strategy – WCS

National Planning Policy Framework (2018) – NPPF