Although we want to make use of this website to let you know about our progress, it’s even more important to us that you are able to contact us. You can choose to do that in one of several ways.

You can email us using this address:

The member of the Steering Group best able to answer your query will reply to you as soon as possible, but please bear in mind that a number of us also work full-time.

You can use this contact form. Again, one of us will respond as soon as we are able.

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If you’re a Facebook user, you can contact us via our Group page.

You can leave a message for Parish Councillor Maggie Bawden on 837311. Maggie is very well known around the village and happy to help where she can.

And finally, you can use one of the dropboxes we have in use around the village. Simply, these are postboxes you can use to pop a note into with your query. We’ll get back to you.

Our Neighbourhood Development Plan relies very heavily on your input. Simply, unless we know how we can help, we can’t build a great Neighbourhood Development Plan. We want to hear from you and we hope that you’ll contact us by whichever is your preferred method.