Nearly two years into creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Hullavington, the Steering Group has forged links with landowners, developers, third party organisations who provide support to Neighbourhood Plans and, of course, most vitally, with you, friends and fellow residents.

Every step has been an important one. The Steering Group have learned that no task is straightforward and nothing can be taken for granted. Even agreeing the Parish Boundary as the designated area for the plan with Wiltshire Council needed more than one attempt to accomplish the desired outcome.

When the outcome of the 2016 questionnaire was known, there were few, if any, surprises. The Steering Group were confident in advance that residents would comment on traffic issues along The Street, parking outside the School at the beginning and end of the school day and the absence of a recreation area in the village, to name but three. All of these issues were raised in the questionnaire returns. Believing this in advance of the questionnaire and being able to state it with certainty are two different things. With the evidence now to hand, the Steering Group can move the Plan forward with these issues receiving the priority they require.

It is important for the Hullavington Community to understand that a Neighbourhood Plan cannot address all the issues raised through the consultation process, but where possible they will be taken into account and addressed in part or whole within the plan.

Drafting a Plan for submission to Wiltshire Council is no small undertaking and the Steering Group hope to have achieved this by the end of 2017. Once the draft plan has been viewed at the next open day and your comments received, the Steering Group will review your comments, make changes accordingly (where appropriate) and forward the draft plan to Wiltshire Council (for comment). Providing Wiltshire Council approve the document, they will engage the services of an Independent Body to scrutinise the plan. Once the plan passes scrutiny, Wiltshire Council will arrange a community referendum, the final part of the process before the plan is made and brought into force.