In 2015, over 100 Hullavington residents expressed an interest in seeing the village create a Neighbourhood Development Plan. We can thank the significant work undertaken by Parish Councillor Maggie Bawden Rawsthorne for this. We’re sure that many of you reading this know her personally.

As a result of Maggie’s sterling efforts, a Steering Group comprising of 18 village residents, all volunteers, was formed in November 2015. The Group is Chaired by Graeme Slaymaker and co-Vice Chaired by Colin Napton and Tracey Tillotson. All 18 of us are committed to doing our utmost to ensure that Hullavington has a planned and sustainable future.

We expect to be working on our Plan for the next three years, and we’ll be contactable here to answer your questions, listen to your feedback and, in general, to be as helpful to you as we can be.

In the meantime, we thought you might like to see some of the people involved and who you might already know.

Graeme Slaymaker, Chairman

Graeme was born in the village of Marsh Gibbon Buckinghamshire, and lived and worked in and around Bicester, Oxfordshire, until February 2013. He moved jobs to work locally at Corsham and relocated to Hullavington in May 2013. He is passionate about good causes, so when the opportunity came along to support the development of our neighbourhood for future generations to come, he was pleased to be able to volunteer to help with this community-led project.



Tracey Tillotson, Joint Vice Chair

Tracey is married with two teenage boys. She has lived in the village for almost 19 years, moving from Bristol. Tracey and her husband chose Hullavington specifically as they wanted a rural, village traceyenvironment that was close to the major transport links. Her children attended the toddler and pre-school groups and the village school, and then went on to Malmesbury secondary school.

Tracey believes that her family has benefitted from the friendly and communal feeling of the village and the many activities available that bring people together.

She recognises that Hullavington needs to grow with the future but would like the opportunity to have some input into what would be the most beneficial for the village.

Colin Napton, Joint Vice Chair

Colin NaptonColin has lived in Hullavington since 2003. His work takes him away from home more than he’d like, but it does mean that time spent at home in the village is appreciated all the more. He is a keen amateur photographer and has enjoyed cataloguing the changing fieldscape over the seasons looking North West from the village for a number of years. He can also be found at the trackside at Castle Combe Circuit with camera in hand from time to time indulging in his other interest, motorsport.



John Smith, Treasurer

John SmithJohn has lived in the village for over 30 years. He is retired from paid employment but has a number of voluntary positions. He enjoys walking his family dog in the local countryside and tries to keep fit by playing golf and riding his bike.





Sarah Price-Tompkins, Secretary

sarahSarah has lived with her partner and two girls in the village since 2003. Both girls went to the fabulous Primary School and then onto Malmesbury Academy. She and her family all love the village for its sense of community and its lovely rural setting.





Maggie Bawden Rawsthorne

Maggie Bawden RawsthorneMaggie moved into the Parish in 1966 and raised two sons here. She has been a Parish Councillor since 1999, and enjoys working for her village.





Geraldine McKibbin

Geraldine McKibbinGeraldine has lived in the village for nearly 18 years. She is now enjoying working part-time which gives her more time to get involved in village activities and meet new people. She worked for Lloyds Bank for (too) many years managing projects and team activities in London and Bristol.





Phill Watson

philPhill has lived in Hill Hayes for 15 years, spending most of that time renovating his cottage. A software engineer by profession, he enjoys walking and gardening in his spare time. Although not accustomed to sitting on committees, his feelings for the village have encouraged him to chair the Neighbourhood Planning Group throughout the first year – with the support of all other committee members.




Katy Sheard

Katy SheardKaty is a relative newcomer to Hullavington, having arrived purely by chance two years ago when looking for somewhere to rent. However, she has been in the area for around 15 years, having previously lived in Startley, Sherston and at Burton Hill, just outside Malmesbury. She enjoys being outdoors, particularly walking and can often be seen in and around the village in her purple wellies!




Caroline Napton

Caroline NaptonCaroline enjoys the local country walks and scenery, especially when walking all of her four-legged friends. Having moved to Hullavington seven years ago, she now sees herself as a country bumpkin, having moved from the South East, and loves living in the village.





Lucinda Abbs

Lucinda moved to Hullavington with Graeme Slaymaker in May 2013 when his job brought them to Wiltshire. She previously lived for many years in the small village of Merton, about five miles south of Bicester before moving into Bicester where she worked full-time, although latterly working in Oxford. Lucinda retired when she moved to Hullavington and offered her support for this community-led project, which will hopefully be able to help determine the development of the village and immediate surrounding area for the current and future generations.

Also on board are John Metters, John Welch, Howard Greenman, Keith Evans and Sharon Neal.